Brian Jacobs

Brian Jacobs

Brian Jacobs is proud to be the main author at JIWH. Ironically, the destiny of a dating expert isn't something he's ever imagined for himself. For many years, Brian was in the wine business, and his position involved lots of traveling across Europe and South America. However, he soon realized that his salesman experience and exposure to different cultures were invaluable when it came to dating women around the world. He had so much to tell his friends who had lots of misconceptions and stereotypes about this! This is how Jacobs decided to become a dating expert in 2016, and he's been enjoying every moment of his career ever since.

Brian Jacobs is a dating coach with hundreds of clients and tons of hands-on experience. His knowledge of intercultural romantic nuances is unparalleled, and he gladly shares it with his audience. After dealing with dozens of clients, he's decided to reach out to more people and started writing about his observations and tips.

It was just a question of time before JIWH recognized Jacobs' authority and decided to invite him to the team. Brian accepted it enthusiastically and quickly proved his value to the project. In his detailed reviews and witty blog posts, Jacobs offers a glimpse into the exciting world of international dating. Which website has the widest choice of features for the lowest price? When should you start planning a trip to meet your online girlfriend IRL? Brian Jacobs will give you in-depth answers to any questions you might have.

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